Sewing Machines For Synthetic Turf
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 Turf Sewing Machines manufactures USA Made sewing machines for sports field construction.  Our machinery sews sports turf together.  Available machines include industrial turf cart sewing machines and handheld sewing machines.  Synthetic turf installation crews have come to rely on us for our precision sewing machines and same day supply shipping.  Whether you’re sewing a full field or repairing fields, Turf Sewing Machines has you covered. 


Cart Style turf sewing machines are available in a variety of ways.  Our patented Turf Monster took the industry by storm in 2007.  It literally provides the pulling power of 2 machines in 1.  Thus rendering the competitor machines obsolete.  In addition to the cart sewing machines, we also offer Union Special 2200G hand held sewing machines. 


Synthetic turf tools include synthetic turf cutters by Rasor.  Rasor cutters provide precision cuts on sports turf and track.  The NC311 handheld sheep shear is perfect for shearing down turf pile.  How to bind golf mats?  Look no further than the NC Millennium Turf Binder.  This machine will bind golf mats, promotional mats, carpet, and more.  Turf Sewing Machines supports their machines with 24 hour repair service, sewing machine needles, turf thread, parts, and same day supply shipping. 

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