Synthetic Field & Turf Tools

  • Rasor cutters, Made in Italy

  • Electric & Cordless Turf Cutting Tools

  • NC311 Turf Pile Shear

  • Millennium Turf Binder

Synthetic Turf Cutting Tool

 • Heavy duty electric Turf cutter
 • Push button sharpening
 • Cuts the heaviest turf, & track

Electric Turf Shearing tool

 • Hand-held Turf shearing tool
 • Heavy duty, easy to use
 • Complete with carry case


Portable Turf Sewing Unit

 • Portable Turf Carpet Binder
 • 4x4 Pulling Power
 • Bind 1000’s of feet non stop

Cordless Turf Cutting Tool

 • Extra heavy duty turf cutting
 • 18v battery & charger incl
 • Equipped with carry case


Professional Cart Turf Sewing Machines

Synthetic Turf tools are employed for sports turf field construction. Sports turf cutting can be accomplished efficiently and affordably by employing Rasor Sports Turf Cutting Tools. As the North American distributor for Rasor, we stock both the SpeedCut2 and TT702. The SpeedCut2 is an electric, handheld synthetic turf cutter. It’s available in both 110v & 220v. The TT702 is an 18 volt battery operated cordless sports turf cutting tool. In addition to the sports turf cutters, we also stock a turf pile shear. The NC311 is also handheld is and is employed to shear turf pile.