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Less Maintenance Costs

Turf Monsters Last Longer

Our Turf Monster literally takes a stock unit and adds increased pulling power. As a result, labor, downtime, and part replacement are greatly reduced. We’re so confident in the Turf Monster’s ability to streamline your synthetic turf field installations, that we’ll pay the shipping back if you’re not satisfied (USA only).

The Turf Monster is 100% USA made and is available in Butt Seam, Double Needle Chain lock, & Single Needle Chain Lock. If you wish, we can add an air blower system or automatic foot lift. We stock all parts, threads, needles, and perform repairs within 24 hours of receipt.

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Portable Synthetic Turf Field Sewing Machines

We also stock portable sewing machines for synthetic turf installations. The USA Made Union Special 2200 series has set the industry standard and is available in the A, B, G, & GA setups. The 2200 series is the most affordable option for artificial turf installs.

The 2200G & GA are the most heavy duty models Union Special produces. They’re perfect for repairing turf seams, tarps & covers, and some installers still sew full fields with them. The 2200 series is lightweight and is very easy to use.

Our Turf Monster Jr. is also employed to repair turf seams, covers, tarps, and all geo-synthetics. Ie. Field covers, landfills, bags, etc. We stock threads, parts, needles, and perform repairs for both the Union Special 2200 series and our Turf Monster Jr. We offer a full supply of threads in both green and white, parts, & same day repair service.

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Synthetic Turf Cutters, Shears, & Installation Tools

We’ve done our best to provide tools that are not only affordable but will also streamline your field installs. Our line of artificial turf installation tools includes the following: Oster & NC grass pile trimming shears, Two state of the art field & sideline cutters, cordless & electric cutters, a turf design tool, binding tape machines for golf mats, a pneumatic logo cutter, and more.

All new innovation: The Rasor Cutter model GC-10 highlights our tools line. It’s designed to cut all field lines, sidelines, and even curved field lines. This unit is equipped with two cutting heads that guarantee even, parallel cuts. By employing this unit, one man can cut an entire field in less than a day…say good bye to the labor intensive sleds and wasted man hours.

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Tarps, Field Covers, Netting, Banners, Awnings, Tents, etc.

For over 60 we have manufactured custom sewing machines for all sports related sewing applications. Our equipment line is built to last a lifetime.

Clients for these machine styles include Cover Sports, Aerflo, Sports field Specialties, GM, Malibu Boats, Steiner Sports/Kenney Mfg, and many others. We also have units that sew harnesses, saddles, and sports memorabilia. Ie. Old Yankee Stadium Car Mats sewn by NC Machines & custom logo tools in in 2009.

NC Industrial Sewing Machines are available in long arms, double needles, post machines, cylinder beds, and much more . If you need to sew sports tarps, nets, field covers, cushions, on deck circles, awnings, tents, banners, or ANYTHING field & stadium related click here.

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The Turf Monster Provides Twice
The Pulling Power Of Generic Setups

Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines equipped with an Ergonomic Turf Cart with finger tip control, 4 thread chain-lock, 2 thread chain-lock, and 2 thread butt seam machines. and are designed for sports field Repair installation, turf, sewing, machines, sports, fields, synthetic, grass, artificial, installation, Astroturf, Mondo, turf store, landscape, STMA, carpet, thread turf machine, turf sewing machine, turf sewing machines, turf machines, turf sewing, turf installations.

Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines are USA made and offer the installer with our most affordable cart style machines.

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