Compact Turf Cutter
Weighs Less than 5 Lbs.

Weighing only 2 pounds, the PNUC hand held cutter is able to cut any turf with ease. This unit will not bog down or slow down no matter what. it cuts. Equipped with a self sharpening blade, the PNUC is so industrial it is currently utilized to cut auto tire.

Every installer looks for affordability and reliability on the jobsite. The PNUC hand held cutter provides synthetic field installers with the most affordable & efficient way to facilitate field cutting. Our turf cutting tools are guaranteed to streamline your artificial field installations.


Model: PNUC:  Compact Turf Cutter  Request more information or Price list
Professional PNUC hand held Turf cutter


  •  2 lbs Self sharpening blade
  • # Pneumatic air operated (70-80 PSI)
  • cuts all Turf
  • cuts straight and curved cuts
  • comfort grip
  • gear driven
  • muffler: eliminates air flow noise
  • N-C design, mass manufactured in Germany
$1475.00 PNUC: Compact Turf Cutter




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