Turf Sports  Design Carver

The PDC-3A1 Design Carver is Utilized to Sculpt Designs into Sports Turf & Carpet.

The PDC-3A1 is made entirely in the United States and is designed to withstand multiple daily shift use. It is unquestionably the world's most rugged, powerful design carver.

The PDC-3A1 requires minimal maintenance and of course boast the "NC Comfort Grip" technology. Let your imagination run wild as you turn your sports turf and carpet into works of art.

The PDC was recently utilized to help fabricate the NY Yankees memorabilia mats done by Kenney MFG & Steiner Sports.


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PDC-3A1 Design Carver


Comfort Grip Technology
Lightweight design
Longer lasting Rocker Arm Bearing
BUILT IN tubes
Ultimate in maneuverability
60 PSI
As pictured, the N-C Swivel Cable

$1695.00 PDC-3A1 Design Carver

PDC-3A1 Design Carver PDC-3A1 Design Carver PDC-3A1 Design Carver




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