The TPB is the World's Most Capable
Heavy Duty Table Model Sports Binder.

The TPB turf and carpet binder comes equipped with a table, motor, & stand workstation. It binds all tape borders to any golf mat, entrance mat, or logo carpet.

This bobbin-less, self oiling machine requires only the minimum maintenance and binds 4-5 times faster than conventional portable binders. Powered by 2 independently driven clutches,

this double puller handles the thickets synthetic turf with ease. The TPB is built to last a lifetime machine and designed to withstand multiple daily shifts.


Model: TPB:  Heavy Duty Table Model Sports Binder Request more information or Price list


Free $195 Fringe Guide/Attachment
Bobbin-less, Chain-lock Stitch, Self Oiling
Longer lasting customized parts
Machines provide Quick Change attachments
New style TPB attachment reduces tape puckering.
Rear puller is top and bottom feed; Extra wide puller
Provides increased pulling power
1/2 HP Table Motor Stand (110/220V-50/60) Cycle
Motor with Reversible Switch
Made in the USA.

$8,000.00  TPB Heavy Duty Table Model Sports Binder




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