NC206 Professional single needle, walking foot Sports sewing machine

NC 6
Single Needle Compound Walking Foot

The NC6 is a single needle, walking foot sewing machine perfectly made for sewing covers, tarps, mats, cushions, and just about any industrial sewing application.  The NC6 is the highest rated walking foot machine in the world along with the Pfaff.  

It's quality design and durable design will provide a lifetime of reliable sewing. It is made in Japan with the same precision for over 50 years. This single needle, walking foot sewing machine unit also accommodates the following industries: Upholstery, Auto, Aircraft, Marine, and RV. 

NC206RB Single Needle Walking Foot Sports Sewing Machine

NC6 Features:

  • Single needle compound walking foot
  • Complete with table, motor, stand workstation
  • Large Bobbin machine
  • Back Tack Lever
  • Extra high lift
  • Compound walking foot design
  • Standard parts availability

$1,850.00 Single Needle, Walking Foot Sewing Machine

  Industrial Sewing Machines For The Sports Tarp Industry

The NC6 is a Single Needle, Industrial Walking Foot
Sewing Machine For Tarps, Covers, Tents, Cushions, Awnings, Seats, Blankets :

NC Upholstery Sewing Machines are custom built to sew all sports related sewing applications. They’re available in standard walking foot, long arms, zig-zag, and double needle. Our upholstery sewing units are reliable and perfect for sewing aircraft, tarps, covers, auto, marine, recreational vehicles, awnings, canopies, leathers, cushions, seats, sunbrella, furniture, banners, tents, Sports tarps, protective cover, sideline turf protector, track protector, bunt zone trainer, field tarp, sports field tarp, infield base tarp, football sideline covers, Sports field equipment, baseball tarp, sew leather sewing machine, sew leather bags, Game Day, Gym Bag, leather sportbike jackets, sport cushion seat, sport cushions, Sport Seat Covers, Protection, Upholstery & Cushions, Pit tarp, Road Covers, Baseball Mound Covers, Home Plate Covers, Bullpen Covers, Field Tarps, Fence Mesh / Banners / Billboards, Turf Savers, Tennis Court Covers, Windscreen, Banners, Stadium Seat Covers, Banners, Billboards, Fence Mesh, Golf Courses Turf Savers, Fence Mesh, Gym Floor Covers, Banners, Seat Covers, athletic field covers all types of sports sewing.




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