NC 860N
Light / Medium Duty Net Sewing Machine 

All New High Speed Serger for Light to Medium Weight Netting. The NC Model 860N machine can be delivered only as a complete workstation which includes the necessary puller to transport the sewn material.  

The NC Model 860N machine has an Automatic Self-Oiler made Specifically for Netting Industry and includes  a High Speed Top & Bottom Feed. The Variable Speed Feed Roller System and machine is designed for Minimum Maintenance.

The NC Model 860N machine  was Designed And Made In USA. Optional Maintenance / Instruction Video Avail.

NC 860N Sports Netting Sewing Machine

NC860N Features:

 • Automatic Self-Oiler
 • Made Specifically for Netting Industry
 • High Speed Top & Bottom Feed
 • Variable Speed Feed System
 • Designed and Made In USA
 • No Slippage
 • Minimum Maintenance
 • Optional Maintenance Video Available

$5,000.00 Single Needle Three-Thread Over-edge Netting Machine

Professional Sewing Solutions For All Sports Field Applications

Our Industrial Netting Machines are capable of attaching any rope to any net, joining nets together, and over locking the edge of netting. These versatile units allow you to perform three applications with one machine. Machine Lineup. Designed and built by NC, our netting sewing machines require minimal maintenance and are designed to sew multiple daily shifts. NC is the world’s leader in the manufacturing of industrial sewing machinery for carpet, turf, nosing, upholstery, netting, furniture, Kevlar, etc.

Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines equipped with an Ergonomic Turf Cart with finger tip control, 4 thread chain-lock, 2 thread chain-lock, and 2 thread butt seam machines. and are designed for sports field Repair installation, turf, sewing, machines, sports, fields, synthetic, grass, artificial, installation, Astroturf, Mondo, turf store, landscape, STMA, carpet, thread turf machine, turf sewing machine, turf sewing machines, turf machines, turf sewing, turf installations. Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines are USA made and offer the installer with our most affordable cart style machines.

Our Professional Sports Sewing machines Sew all leathers, seats upholstery, seat cushions, sew tarps, awnings, canvas, Marine, Aircraft, Auto, Awnings, Upholstery Industries. Our Professional Sports Sewing machines are used for Sport Netting, Field Covers, Sport Apparel, larger Tarps, auto Seat Covers, Pitch Covers, Applying Velcro, sport Padding, Rain Covers, Equipment Covers, boat Seat Cushions, Turf Blankets, Gym Floors, On Deck Circles, Window Screens, Memorabilia. Our machines feature single needle, walking foot, sewing machines to upholstery shops to Sew Auto fabrics, Sew Aircraft fabrics, Sew Marine canvas, Sew RV tarps, Sew Auto seats, Sew aircraft life rafts, Sew all leathers, seats upholstery, seat cushions, Twin needle, walking foot machines, sew tarps, awnings, canvas.

Our Professional Sports Netting machines are capable of attaching any weighted rope to any weighted net, It is our most heavy duty netting machine and employed by the likes of West Coast Netting. It is designed to actually sew netting & rope. Our Professional Sports Netting machinery differentiates itself by quite simply minimizing downtime and part replacement. Designed to last a lifetime, the N-C Netting Machines are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. and outperform antiquated netting machines.



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