81500NTP Professional Heavy Duty Sports Netting Nachine Sew Rope Net

The 81500NTP Heavy Duty Netting Machine
Capable of Handling Thick Sports Nets & Ropes.

The 81500NTP is capable of attaching any rope to netting, sewing any two nets together, and overlocking the edge of nets. This unit requires minimal maintenance and is built to sew all day long. In March of 2011 , we further increased the lift capacity. In December of 2011, we made adjustments allowing for the industry’s tightest stitch.

Built to last a lifetime, the 81500NTP Netting Machine comes set up on a complete table workstation. Equipped with our patented top & bottom driven rear puller, the NTP allows you to sew the heaviest netting & ropes with or without knots. Designed to streamline the workroom, this unit minimizes both downtime and part replacement. Ideal for fabricating all net styles: safety, sports, cargo, fishing, construction, etc..


81500NTP sports netting machine

NC 81500 NTP Features:

 • Attach any rope to any net
 • Also allows you to simply serge / finish the edge of netting
 • Joins any two nets together
 • Custom feeding system lines up netting & rope for you
 • Equipped with Complete Table Workstation
 • Servo Motor: Silent Running & Adjustable Speed
 • SRPT: 'Special Rear Puller Technology'
 • SRPT allows for increased pulling power for difficult jobs
 • Attaches ropes from .080-.7 inch (2-18mm)
 • Maximum S.P.I. 2.5 (10mm). stitches: 1200/minute
 • Unique Top Roller Feed For Serging any application
 • Netting Machine Designed in the USA

$15,000.00 81500 NTP Netting Machine


Industrial Sewing Machines For The Sport Netting Industry

Our 81500 NTP Sports netting machines are designed to
withstand multiple daily shift use and require minimal maintenance.

We have prepared our Sports Netting Machines to sew sports nets, safety netting, cargo nets, fishing nets, construction nets, laundry bags, and mosquito nets. Clients such as West Coast Netting, AerFlo, Blue Mountain, and Sportsfield Specialties purchased these units to cut back on downtime and part replacement costs. An added bonus is that our industrial sewing machines built to last a lifetime with low operating costs. Simply the best net making machine, Sports net sewing machine on the market.

Our Industrial Netting Machines are capable of attaching any rope to any net, joining nets together, and over locking the edge of netting. These versatile units allow you to perform three applications with one machine. Machine Lineup. Designed and built by NC, our netting sewing machines require minimal maintenance and are designed to sew multiple daily shifts. NC is the world’s leader in the manufacturing of industrial sewing machinery for carpet, turf, nosing, upholstery, netting, furniture, Kevlar, etc. Designed to last a lifetime, the N-C Netting Machines are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. and outperform antiquated netting machines.



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